About Advance Data Entry

Advance Data Entry Services is a leading Business Processing Outsourcing Solutions provider providing back-office and backend services and solutions since 2006. Our core competence lies in delivering superior document and information management services & solutions to a wide range of clients in the private and public sectors. We are based in New Delhi, INDIA and are committed to solve business problems and to increase the efficiency in the organizations.

We offer our customers in information intensive industries such as: healthcare, legal, education, banking, insurance, manufacturing, national archives and government, the solutions to manage their document, data and information management needs, enabling these organizations to focus on their core competencies.

We believe in solutions that combine innovation with an intelligent business sense to bring about dramatic improvements in both office process efficiencies and the company's bottom line. Our competitive strength is superior customer service, quality control and cost-effective operations.

We work closely with our clients and prospects on a continuing basis to identify opportunities to improve their document imaging/data related processes. We take this consultative role seriously and apply our extensive knowledge of document and information management to develop modifications that can yield significant productivity improvements.

Our Mission & Values
Help to increase our customers' competitive edge

Our mission explains why we exist and work in our chosen market. And what we would ultimately like to contribute. Everything we do is done with the purpose of increasing our customers' competitive edge. Our aim is for our services and solutions to contribute to increased efficiency. Resources, for example, in the form of money, time and working power, must be used in an efficient manner to create maximum benefit. With the particular expertise we possess and the experience we have built-up over a time, our task is to contribute to increased productivity and, as a result, increased competitiveness and excellent results for our customers.


To be the worldwide first choice, as a reliable offshore solution providers for Data Processing services and other Web based Solutions.

Our long-term goal - our vision - is to be the preferred partner within the areas in which we have chosen to work. Our aim is to be an obvious first choice based on our market position and our capacity to deliver. Our aim is that we should stand for quality, reliability and cost effective solutions along with creativity and innovation. But we cannot do everything and we cannot develop solutions for everyone. This is why we have chosen to concentrate our core competencies and areas where we have the necessary qualities to achieve our vision.


To be a leader in the delivery of rapid, cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for the Offshore Data Management and Information needs of global enterprises.

  1. Customer Centric approach - "We are much more than a vendor; we are your partner"
  2. High standards of personal and professional ethics.
  3. Constantly strive for innovation and excellence.
  4. Culture of knowledge sharing and continuous growth for each member.
  5. Fun-filled work environment with respect for each individual.